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2022 sees sale of 6L new vehicles in Delhi, 32% jump since last year

NEW DELHI: The year 2022 saw the sale of over six lakh new vehicles in the national capital, registering an increase of 32% in comparison to 2021.
While a total of 6,05,905 vehicles were registered in Delhi between January 1 and December 30 this year with an average daily sale of 1,665, the year 2021 saw a total of 4,59,231 private, passenger and cargo vehicles rolling out on the city roads.
Due to a push by the Delhi government that launched a dedicated EV policy in August 2020 and strengthened its public charging system, the city witnessed a sale of 61,150 electric vehicles, which constituted 10.1% of the total vehicle sale this year. In 2021, 25,816 EVs were registered in Delhi, which was 5.6% of the total vehicles registered in that year. The vehicle sale in the current calendar year was much higher than earlier two years, but it failed to touch the pre-pandemic mark of 6,41,413 registered in 2019.
Officials, however, said that the year 2018 was the best year in terms of automobile sales with 7,26,830 new vehicles rolling out in the city between January 1 and December 31 with an average daily number of 1,991. While the two-wheeler sale in 2022 went up by a staggering 34% vis-à-vis 2021, the number of cars registered this year increased by 25% in comparison to the previous year.
Not only private, commercial vehicles too witnessed a huge growth in sales in 2022 in comparison to last year. While 43,452 commercial ‘transport’ vehicles were registered in Delhi last year, the number swelled to 61,139 this year, registering an increase of over 40% in the sale between January 1 and December 30. The commercial transport vehicles include buses, cabs, goods carriers, e-rickshaws, three-wheelers, ambulances and fire tenders among others.
The highest number of vehicles were sold in October, which is considered as an auspicious month, with 76,228 new sets of wheels hitting the road in Delhi. The number came down to 62,512 in November, the second best month in terms of sales of vehicles in 2022. However, the sale of vehicles came down drastically in December, with just 39,846 private and commercial vehicles registered by the transport department of the Delhi government.
“Fewer people like to buy private vehicles in December as they believe that their cars or two-wheelers would be considered a year old within a span of one month. December has always been the worst month in terms of registration of new vehicles,” said a Delhi government official.
In 2021, the month of November had recorded the biggest spike in vehicle sales, during the festive season.
While the rate of growth of CNG (commercial) and CNG/Petrol (private cars) remained on a par with the total number of vehicles sold in the city, Delhiites seem to have caught the fancy of petrol hybrid vehicles this year. In comparison to 2021, when 6,328 petrol/hybrid vehicles registered in Delhi, there was an increase of 105% in sales with 12,980 such vehicles bought by the residents of the city.
The dip in vehicle sales in the last two years had also affected revenue generation for the Delhi government. But thanks to the high number of vehicles sold in Delhi this year, the government managed to collect Rs 2,476 crore in 2022 in comparison to Rs 1,778 crore in 2021 and Rs 1,304 crore in 2020. In 2019, the government had collected 1,770 crore from the transport sector. The amount includes not just the motor vehicle tax, which is the biggest component, but also from various kinds of fee, including registration and transfer of vehicles, fitness and permit fee from commercial category of vehicles, fee towards issuance of driving licence among others.

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