Thursday, March 30, 2023

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How will AI tools change the way we use internet in 2023?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools could change the way we use the internet by enabling more advanced virtual assistants and chatbots, personalising the online experience, improving search accuracy, and automating tasks. The impact will depend on how these technologies are adopted.
(The above question was answered by AI tool ChatGPT when prompted to do so in 40 words) The sophistication of AI tools would probably define 2023 as their use gets more prevalent with the ability to generate human-like text. AI is already answering basicqueries, forecasting what products customers will be interested in and sanctioning loans based on the probability of default. The question now is what next? All you have to do is decide where to draw the line.
2022 was another year of uncertainties. This meant thattech was not high on the list of priorities for consumers and businesses in 2022. However, some developments that slowed in 2022 are expected to speed up in 2023. For instance, 5Gwill reach more Indian cities and the personal data protection bill, centred around privacy,is set to be tabled as well. Most of us are still as clueless about ‘metaverse’ as we were last year, but the internet is set to become more immersive in the New Year nevertheless.
Virtual reality (VR) headsets are not something new but with Apple expected to launch a product in that category soon, these devices may become mainstream in 2023. Gaming companies too are lining up consoles focused on VR.

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