Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Straight Road don’t make skilled Driver

Straight Road don’t make skilled Driver

 Mahindra organized off –Roading event on 15 Aug (Independence special), a much-awaited event in Tricity, had something to cheer about as the first major off-roading event since Lockdown. Named Freedom All-New Thar. Dozens of Participates are from Mohali, Punjab and Chandigarh participated in this event. It was a day-long experience for off-road enthusiasts with their own vehicles. The event started around 8 am from Raj Motors Mohali to Forest Hills Resort. In Forest Hill, they have hosted the non-competitive smaller adventures events. Where you have to perform 5 to 6 types of activities Like mud Drive, Zig-Zag Track, other natural terrains.

                            Roads? where we are going, we Don’t need Roads.


Priyanka Tanta


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