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Shimla won’t see repeat of 2018 water crisis: SJPNL : The Tribune India

Shimla, March 19

Shimla Jal Parbandhan Nigam Limited (SJPNL), the company managing city’s water requirement, says it’s unlikely that Shimla can again face a water crisis as severe as it did in 2018. “We can’t rule out the crisis, but we can say with confidence that the effects won’t be as severe as in 2018. If worse comes to worst, we will resort to third day supply,” said SJPNL AGM, Bulk Water, Rajesh Kashyap.

That should soothe the nerves of the city residents who must have started thinking about the 2018 water crisis after IPL Minister Mahender Singh said in the Vidhan Sabha that the state was headed for a major water crisis this summer because of the inadequate snowfall and rainfall.

The SJPNL’s confidence stems mainly from the availability of an additional water scheme, Chabba-Gumma, it did not have three years ago. “It’s a back-up scheme from where we can draw up to 10 to 15 MLD within 24 hours. In case there’s shortfall in our other major schemes, Gumma and Giri, we have a back-up,” said Harmesh Bhatia, AGM, Water Distribution.

Besides, in anticipation of the problem, the SJPNL has already drafted a basic action plan to tide over the challenge. “The plan at the moment is in initial stages and will be refined further. Some of the measures include regular monitoring of leakage on the rising main line and gravity line, installation of an additional submersible pump of 5HP at Gumma, patrolling of kuhls for leakage and theft of water,” said Kashyap.

“We are bringing in all stakeholders like the IPH, administration on the same page to maximise water availability at the source. We have better infrastructure, so we are confident of pumping maximum water available at the source,” he said. — TNS

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