Friday, June 9, 2023

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Heaps of garbage irk residents : The Tribune India

IT seems to be a Herculean task for Shahabad residents to get relief from the foul smell emanating from heaps of garbage. The attached picture of the Shri Hanuman Murti Mohalla Saidan Chowk taken on Tuesday speaks volumes about the careless behaviour of caretakers in this area. Garbage is not lifted for several weeks, resulting into pathetic conditions there. On the other hand, people, too, don’t show any civic sense and keep on throwing garbage in the open adding to the unhygienic conditions. This is not the only such place as similar conditions prevail in most the areas and garbage vans are never seen there. Keeping in view the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the authorities concerned must take a note of this and get the needful done immediately. Dr Ravinder Kwatra, Shahabad Markanda

Toilets in pathetic condition

LIKE other cities, public toilets were also constructed in Kurukshetra, but due to poor maintenance, these are now in a pathetic condition. The enclosed picture is of a public toilet at the Sector 17 main market shopping complex. The authorities concerned should look into the matter and ensure proper cleanliness of the toilets for the convenience of the public. VK Gupta, sector 2, Kurukshetra

Don’t lower your guard against covid

THE government has withdrawn most the restrictions imposed to check the spread of Covid owing to decline in the number of infections in the state. But it is not the time to lower our guard, instead maintain our vigilance and follow Covid norms strictly as the number of cases are again on the rise in the nation. It is due to this defiant conduct of the people only that we are witnessing Covid resurgence. We need to act responsibly and follow the government-issued Covid-preventive norms strictly to contain the spread of the virus. Baljeet Singh Deep, Hisar

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